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Are you still wasting time
tweaking and improving your site?

 All of a sudden, those tiny fixes turn into weeklong projects.Yikes!

“What is the cost of frustrating
your customers with a poorly organized website?”


It’s easy to DIY a site these days

Think about it—how many ideal clients land on your website each month … 

… and peace out because they’re confused?  
20? 30? 100?

Let’s make them stick and book.

We’ve all been there with another cookie-cutter template. But, hear me out. 

Get on my calendar!

Web design for online biz owners who like editorial and feminine websites

My promise to you

Crafting your bespoke website with tech confidence

✅ Developer and web designer–I will fill out the gaps so you can focus on your zone of genius.

Curating a personal style for your website

✅ No cookie-cutter website templates. Let me style your site with some personality with your branding photos and copy.

Empowering you with clear steps

✅ Get access to content planning worksheets to write your website content especially for creative service providers! 

Mandy, UK
"I was nearing the end of the development phase of one of my client projects, and needed to start the development phase of another client site when I brought Ayesha on board. Having Ayesha work on a short list of development items for one of the sites allowed me to save time and keep both project timelines on schedule.

I found Ayesha very pleasant, open and transparent in her communication. Although we were working together across a large time difference, Ayesha was very responsive and fast to work with. I really liked her genuine passion and interest in coding, as well as her professionalism. 

Having Ayesha come in at the final stage of the development phase of the client project definitely saved me time and labour. I was very grateful for Ayesha’s help on the project and would highly recommend her to anyone needing development work." 

Kind words

 3 steps to get the ball rolling

01.Email me

Shoot me a message by clicking the button below and fill out the application form to start the conversation!

02.Cuppa chat

I will get back within 1-3 business days to book a virtual chat. 

Grab your favourite bevvy and get cozy. We will have the chat to discuss your biz’s needs, making sure the project will be the right match.

03.Info packet

You’ll receive a proposal full of handy info to check out and get the chance to ask me more questions.

If you’d like to proceed, this is the beginning of our adventure to make your dream website come true!

Let me help: 

Let’s get you out of the messy tech and onto a fresh design in two weeks*.

Hey, I’m Ayesha. I’ve dabbled in website building from scratch since I was twelve years old. We’re talking I’m an internet grandmother—built my first site on Geocities and coded my own theme from scratch on Wordpress before it was cool. 

I was a shoe-in for a Computer Science degree, check! 


*waves at you*
Hey there!

You’re so done(!!) doing everything by yourself. 

Building a website for your business isn’t for the faint of heart. Being a creative business owner or entrepreneur also means it can feel frustrating to DIY. 

If only you could wave your magic wand … 

I understand why learning any new tech tools is challenging because I’ve been there too.

That’s exactly why I got into what I do! 

#1 Wish granted

... imagine this result

✅ You want your website to automate your client request(s) while you sleep. Sick days, oh well it's aa-oo-kay. You get to rest while the site work itself 24/7. #goals

#2 Ultimate wish

#3 Long-term wish

#4 Secret wish

#1 Wish granted

#2 Ultimate wish

... imagine this result

✅ You want it to look nice, be fairly easy to maintain, and steer people to your mailing list and offers. You DON'T want to become a web developer. Pheww, what a relief.

#3 Long-term wish

#4 Secret wish

#1 Wish granted

#2 Ultimate wish

#3 Long-term wish

... imagine this result

✅ Your goal is to have people find you through Google or Pinterest or maybe YouTube tutorials, but not social media–Facebook, Instagram and TikTok so your website has to communicate your message perfectly.

#4 Secret wish

#1 Wish granted

#2 Ultimate wish

#3 Long-term wish

#4 Secret wish

... imagine this result

✅ You would have a beautifully designed website that communicates your work seamlessly. The website would work so well that you have a waiting list of people wanting to work with you. 



where to go from here?

Your choice, really!

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02. step two

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