Hey Ayesha

Currently being updated for 2024

Mandy, UK
"I was nearing the end of the development phase of one of my client projects, and needed to start the development phase of another client site when I brought Ayesha on board. Having Ayesha work on a short list of development items for one of the sites allowed me to save time and keep both project timelines on schedule.

I found Ayesha very pleasant, open and transparent in her communication. Although we were working together across a large time difference, Ayesha was very responsive and fast to work with. I really liked her genuine passion and interest in coding, as well as her professionalism. 

Having Ayesha come in at the final stage of the development phase of the client project definitely saved me time and labour. I was very grateful for Ayesha’s help on the project and would highly recommend her to anyone needing development work." 

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