You’ve got your copy and photos, now what?

I take care of the technical side of web design and development for you

Think of me like a Dear Abby or Aunt Agony*… but for your web design and development issues

Don’t throw the keyboard or laptop out the window.

* A columnist in some newspapers or magazines where readers get to submit their questions on life to the ‘Dear Abby’ column. I’m kinda like that, sometimes. Plus, I also get asked technical questions or opinions. I should start my column titled ‘Hey Ayesha…’. Wait, maybe I just did. 😂 

Let's talk!

I'm Ayesha Wan–a developer & web designer. I’ll take on your technical & design information overload problem and help you craft a bespoke website. I noticed overwhelmed creative business owners in Facebook groups, mainly women looking for solutions to elevate their websites and saw them looking to figure out custom websites for their brands.

So I began offering my signature one-on-one bespoke web design to help them get a classy and luxe website that communicates their message in two weeks. I do this by using custom code or plugins and combining their existing tools with their website so everything works seamlessly.

Now, I help build bespoke websites for creative biz owners or entrepreneurs globally.

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BSc in Computer Science (major) & Information Science (minor), University of Otago, New Zealand.

Developer who used to work from a casual to 9-5 role at a small startup to the usual corporate.

Meta Certified Community Manager. I sat the exam under a global volunteering group, Girl Gone International (GGI), proudly serving women locally & internationally.

Square Secrets (Paige Brunton) certified.

I consume technical or developer documentation for breakfast. I still read those boring technical textbooks people will run away from! ;) 

The street creds nobody asked for

POV—you chilling and planning your next biz move while I work on your site. 

 3 steps to get the ball rolling

01.Email me

Shoot me a message by clicking the button below and fill out the application form to start the conversation!

02.Cuppa chat

I will get back within 1-3 business days to book a virtual chat. 

Grab your favourite bevvy and get cozy. We will have the chat to discuss your biz’s needs, making sure the project will be the right match.

03.Info packet

You’ll receive a proposal full of handy info to check out and get the chance to ask me more questions.

If you’d like to proceed, this is the beginning of our adventure to make your dream website come true!

Part of...

Prepare your website with the help of the bonus content planning guide, and have me as your accountability partner.

The personal vault

01. Climbing shoes for indoor rock climbing and bouldering with my trusted climbing buddy, Stitch—the chalk bag.

02. Local-made cropped winter and spring jackets. My signature jackets—at least in my head.

03. You can probably guess that cardigan—yeeep. Ebook on Lauren Graham.

04. Breakfast at Tiffany's—the second hand book that I found and it was so hard to find it locally! SCORE!

05. Ah, the almost Hogwarts looking school ... I mean campus. My alma mater. 

06. My watercolour palette, ah, love-em!

07. TBR and Currently reading ... books ... and ebooks.

08. Ahoi there. That's moi. ;)









Yes, Ikea left New Zealand off the world map. Enjoy a slice of heaven from one of my road trips. Say hello to them ;)



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