Now, quit losing your energy, time, and effort only to get confused learning website technicalities. 

You're not here to be a web developer

  • seeking how to add custom code 

  • slogging through different hacks

  • posting design questions on FB groups

  • multitasking while eating dinner

 All of a sudden, those tiny fixes turn into weeklong projects.Yikes!

you're ...

signs you've had enough bs

... a design and development process that you need answers on ...

… and need to have a gorgeous website and profitability to show for it when all’s said and done …  

… then keep reading.

IF you've got ...



GET on my calendar

Book your spot!

You’d have an experienced developer and website designer (wearing many hats serving as your mini IT department) to design your website so you can focus on building your online community and nurturing existing biz besties relationships. Plus point focussing on yourself or family in the evening.

Imagine finally launching and updating your feminine and editorial website that’s tailored to your business needs

Imagine being able to launch your website in just two* weeks

Around 70% of your website traffic will come from Google 

About 35% of small businesses feel their business is too small to have a website

44% of B2B buyers will abandon a small business website with no contact info

The numbers

It’s time to kick off your dreamy project


Signature offer—Custom website build

A 2-week, done-for-you custom website that is classy and functional. 
Transform the way you think a website should be–easy to use and SEO friendly!
Give me a week, and I’ll have your design ready for feedback/revision! 

It's simpler than you think—here's what's inside. You'll walk away with:
Domain name and website full setup 
Three to five pages
2 rounds of revisions before final delivery
Most wanted swipe files: five website content (also known as copy) templates:
  • Home page
  • About page
  • Contact page
  • Service page
  • 404 page
Custom code feature is only available on a certain plan, we can chat about it
Basic SEO setup
Live training or recorded screen share
Two weeks support post launch
Timeline: 2 weeks
Photos, logo, branding are not included. I can source you high quality photos to use commercially depending on your niche

2 week process* instead of months of emailing back-and-forth (probably will need a different heading style)

*Depending on your project, the minimum turn around is 2 weeks. Max is around 3-5 weeks. Get your launch date ready as long as you have your materials ready!

 3 steps to get the ball rolling

01.Email me

Shoot me a message by clicking the button below and fill out the application form to start the conversation!

02.Cuppa chat

I will get back within 1-3 business days to book a virtual chat. 

Grab your favourite bevvy and get cozy. We will have the chat to discuss your biz’s needs, making sure the project will be the right match.

03.Info packet

You’ll receive a proposal full of handy info to check out and get the chance to ask me more questions.

If you’d like to proceed, this is the beginning of our adventure to make your dream website come true!

Mandy, UK
"I was nearing the end of the development phase of one of my client projects, and needed to start the development phase of another client site when I brought Ayesha on board. Having Ayesha work on a short list of development items for one of the sites allowed me to save time and keep both project timelines on schedule.

I found Ayesha very pleasant, open and transparent in her communication. Although we were working together across a large time difference, Ayesha was very responsive and fast to work with. I really liked her genuine passion and interest in coding, as well as her professionalism. 

Having Ayesha come in at the final stage of the development phase of the client project definitely saved me time and labour. I was very grateful for Ayesha’s help on the project and would highly recommend her to anyone needing development work." 

Kind words

Your long-term investment

Way #1 You COULD ... 
Invest in a course such as copywriting, or Squarespace/Showit/Wordpress design courses, which is great for you! 

But it takes a lot of your time to learn the tech, you can always DIY as a starting point, re-writing the entire copy of your website, getting the market survey done, picking apart the information collected, on top of trying to find out how to make the site mobile responsive, how to make the site seem easy to navigate? Where do you need to use the images? 

Way #2 You COULD ... 
Invest in another website template that doesn’t quite suit your business needs, especially if you are already using other tools like a scheduler, newsletter (where do you put it in the right places?), or other tools like Shopify Lite.

BUT, you’re already overwhelmed with what you’re great at doing–your business. You're REALLY not interested in becoming a web developer and you vent on some blogger Facebook group about it. That's not gonna change it, bestie.

 It's time to give yourself permission to treat-yo-self for a classy website—once and for all. 

Investment starts from $3600 USD

You can get started for $3600

  • 2 week process 
  • Done for you: Basic SEO setup to get you started with the long haul game
  • 5 Website Templates Swipe Files
  • Done for you service design

  • Email support throughout the project
  • Customised dashboard for you
  • Complimentary blog feature included
  • Swipe files for writing your website content


  • 50% non-refundable deposit fee to book your calendar date (please ensure at least it’s minimum of one to two months before starting unless you have every content, photos or images used, branding or logo ready to go. Please talk to me first!)
  • 50% payment due two days before the project is due before transferring ownership of the website.

Booking limited clients. Get yours booked from
4 to 8 weeks ahead.

Part of...

Happiness guarantee—I’ll work with you with one extra revision, on top of two revisions as long as the project doesn’t extend beyond the launch date.

Or ... we can part ways, no hurt feelings because design is subjective.

If you don’t love your website design draft by the end of week 1

Once upon a time, there was a time for MSN, Yahoo messenger, AOL, etc.,
I wanted a tamagotchi, instead, I got a no from my parents. Thanks to dial-up for Disney online games and me stumbling across virtual pets that I thought were going to ‘die’ on Neopets, there's where I learned how to make my site from scratch.

I did all the sciences subjects in high school and didn’t start programming until I was at uni. A Computer Science degree was no walk in the park. It was full of tears, wanting to give up 24/7, me thinking it was ‘cheating’ to search on Google for how to do XYZ. I left my comfy 9-5 (more like 9-8 lol) dev job. Decided that I could do what I loved doing when I was in my teens, and what I was meant to do a very long time ago and I should’ve done right after I graduated from university to be honest! 

A mini IT department at your service, ready to serve you, bestie! ;) 

And who am I ...? That's a secret I'll never tell. xoxo, gossip girl.

Nope. I'm not going to sit here and say this is for everyone. But if …

Buckle up!

You already given DIY a go and it's not your thing anymore. You're in search of a TEAM partner to help you with web design and tech—NOT your favourite tasks on your Asana.

You're convinced that you're losing more money the longer you wait for the technical and design debt to leak from the biz bucket.

You've taken a look on my past projects and you WANT one too, like yesterday.

You already have your website content ready to go. If not, you're willing to use the content planning swipe files to write your content.

Frequently Asked Questions

Check-ins to brainstorm before starting the project, swipe files for your website content, my undivided attention for your project during the weekday, training for your project, and email support throughout the project.

I totally get it! It's okay if you feel anxious, that's valid. I already have a calendar work out for clients and you will get to see what is happening when and I'll send in check-ins emails to see where you are at. You need to get back to me with what you're having trouble with so we can sort out things swiftly.

Talk with me to arrange a payment plan. I also offer the most basic package to meet where you are, or if you need way less than what is offered in the Signature package, we may be able to work something out. Easy as that. You gotta ask first.

Head over my contact page and send me your burning questions! :) 

Quit losing your energy, time, and effort only to get confused learning the technicalities

Long story short, it’s the actual design that you need answers about!

Imagine finally launching and updating your gorgeous website that’s tailored to your business needs in two weeks.

Myth: websites are dead. Social media is NOT your website.

Get rid of difficulties in building and editing, inflexibility to custom build.

You're done with your current website that have the 'basic' website look–flat and can't wait for a new one!

Then it's time to kick off the Signature Package.